Content is king

Our philosophy is this simple

Most websites do not have the right content, which results in less traffic. Having good content on your site can help it get to the top of search engine results and also attract customers. The content on your website will also help in attracting links. So, always generate content that is meaningful and beneficial for the business. Having good content on the site is one of the best strategies to stay competitive online.

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Website Design
and Re-Design

Website & Brand Promotion

Always a custom design and always search engine-ready, websites are designed to meet your needs and your budget. Also available are customizable, editable Content Management Systems for those of you who need a database-driven application to manage any number of business concerns. There are lots of options available to you including Search Engine Optimization (to get you top rankings in the search engines for terms people search to find you); Pay Per Click Management (sponsored advertising with AdWords and other Search Engine Marketing programs), Banner ads; Social Media Marketing; and more.

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Online Business Development

One Integrated Suite of Services

We provide high-quality, customized solutions to satisfy your overall business objectives by leveraging the online space to drive leads and nurture customer relationships. Our integrated solution suite of Web Creative, Analytics & Search Marketing is designed to elevate your image, inform sales strategies and drive business. Successful business development - online or off - requires uniquely positioning your brand for the intended customer. Online business development includes information on online partner programs that emphasize driving traffic (beyond linking), improving SEO, alternate revenue/monetization streams, and new advertising.


Reach the right audience with the right message

It makes perfect sense for brands to leverage their massive audiences to become advertising-supported publishers. These brands have millions of advertising opportunities on their webpages every month. Why not take advantage of those opportunities and pick up what could be found money? while content may be king, it needs strong awareness and meaningful visibility behind it to reach the right audience. Very little is born viral, the content must be high quality, and then effort must be placed on the proper distribution. With more consumers accessing content via their mobile devices than ever before, there are even more opportunities and challenges for publishers to monetize this audience

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Connect the customer to the brand

Consumers chatter about your brand on Twitter and Facebook, they search for you on Google and watch you on YouTube. Consumers are using social media and technology in their everyday lives to stay connected and informed. Word of mouth is now on the web, facilitating dialogue and sparking conversations. Being able to easily contribute opinions and ideas connects the customer to the brand, but what promotes this relationship further is when the brand embraces the customer as a partner in the conversation and truly listens and reacts to what is said. From improving customer service wait times to informing brand enthusiasts about the latest sale or promotion, the conversation topics are endless.

High Performance Marketing

Get the best possible return on your investment

We have the firm belief that whenever possible, marketing should be measurable and provide you with the best possible return on your investment. A full range of digital marketing services are available, including PPC, SEO and social media.

Internet Ventures

We've helped a number of people with innovative ideas yet lacking in either time, knowledge or funds to see it through. If this sounds like you, and your idea is online-focussed, we want to hear about it. Confidentiality agreements can be provided.

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Get the right vision

Business development can be daunting. Sometimes a fresh perspective from a partner with a broader scope of experience is just the help you need to sort out your thoughts and get things on track. Jerni has a network of highly skilled professionals including marketers, developers, designers, copywriters, search engine specialists, and business experts ready to work with you to ensure your strategies and initiatives are on track to help you meet your goals on time and within budget.

Topics that can be discussed during a consulting session with us include:
- How to effectively use social media like facebook and twitter
- How to drive traffic to your website
- How to build a sales funnel to generate more income
- How to use email marketing to boost sales
- How to redesign your website to improve usability and rapport
- How to use analytics to track user metrics and make smart business decisions